Why Consider Offshore Accommodations For Your Offshore Employees

Oil is gold but so is time. The people who’re working day in and out just to mine these precious resource is also sacrificing an even more precious thing – their time with family and loved ones. As their employer, being able to recognize their sacrifices just to ensure that your business runs smoothly is one of the best things you can give in return. The second best thing is to reward them for it.

Rewards can come in many forms. Although it need not necessarily be monetary, showing that you care enough about their well-being should be solid proof that you appreciate what they do for you. And one very evident way of showing this is by getting them under the right roof – literally speaking.

It’s already difficult to maneuver a task on the open sea – let alone under it. It is all thanks to our underwater welders, miners, and labor men that we enjoy the convenience of issuing oil. The least they deserve is good accommodation. After a long hard day at work, they should be entitled to comfortable, safe, and convenient offshore accommodations.

Getting your men a decent place to rest will also bring a couple of advantages on your part as the employer. Here are some of them:

Provide An Enticing Work Opportunity

When you include offshore accommodation as a part of your employees benefit package, you get to entice more skilled workers to join your team. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a great place to rest after a good grind? You see, other oil companies still don’t offer accommodation as part of their job hiring strategy – most of them just bunk employees. If you think that comfort is a needless concern – especially because most of your employees are men – then it’s about time you change this perspective.

Men too, need a good night’s rest in order to work productively. It would be great if you can get a head start with this change. The sooner you launch an employee-centered job offer, the more chances you get at hiring excellent hands – which brings me to my next point.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Losing a valuable employee, especially in this field of work, may cause significant damages to your company’s operations. Imagine how much hiring a new employee would cost you. You’ll need to launch a new job advertisement, allocate funds for on boarding and training fees, do the paperwork, and among other things, teach him everything he needs to know from square one. Aside from being financially damaging, the lag time caused in preparation of putting a new employee to work can cause you precious opportunities. This is when you realize that offering offshore accommodation was a more practical cost compared to suffering from high employee turnover rates.

Here’s a good resource to check about how stress can be prevented in offshore facilities.

Double (Maybe Even Triple!) Employee Productivity

Lastly, offering employees a better place to rest may have significant impact on their work performance. With an uncomfortable place to sleep in, employees may end up feeling more tired the moment they wake up the next morning. And when exhaustion piles up, so does work. As the employer, you can’t really put the blame on your employees. Working in the open sea is no easy task. That’s why not many people are up to it in the first place! It is part of your responsibility to your company to keep employee morale high. Appreciate what they do for you and reward them with a comfortable place to get their energy back up.

Offshore accommodation is not at all difficult to find these days. Several companies have begun to materialize these practical offshore living quarters the moment they realized the need for it. And true enough, it has improved the lives of many offshore employees by significantly improving their quality of rest and giving them more reasons to sleep tight every night!