Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs in Luggage

When traveling, there are many risks a person takes. Unfortunately, some travel experiences can lead to a person bringing home more than memorable souvenirs. Sometimes, a person comes home to find bed bugs in luggage. Without knowing, individuals can soon experience an influx of bed bugs that leaves them with itchy bites and great amounts of stress. With these helpful tips, individuals can better understand how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with them.

How Can Bed Bugs Be Avoided?

One of the most important things a person can do is to carefully research the hotels they plan on staying at. Individuals will be quick to inform others if they have had a bad experience at a hotel. Should a person read reviews that state there were bed bugs, it is important they avoid this hotel.

Before a person even brings their luggage into the hotel room, they need to make sure they carefully inspect the room. It is wise for a person to check the mattress, under the bed, and the bedding. These are areas bed bugs like to hide in. Signs of bed bugs include:

  • Blood smears on bedding
  • Bed bug shed skins
  • Bed bug eggs

Should a person see any of these signs, they need to get out and find another hotel room right away. Unfortunately, bed bugs are so tiny, they can enter a bag or other luggage without a person knowing. Thankfully, there is a special type of luggage a person can purchase, so they will be protected from bed bugs coming home with them.

The Thermalstrike Bed Bug Proof Luggage is made to keep bed bugs out. Not only does it help prevent bed bugs from entering, it is also heated, so it kills the bugs if they do find their way inside. This is the ultimate way to protect against these pests from infiltrating luggage and then a person’s home.

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If you have ever dealt with bed bugs, you know how annoying they can be to get rid of. With these tips and the right luggage, you can rest assured you will be protected. Check it out today to learn more.