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Why Christian Marriage Counselling Is Better Than Secular Counselling.

It is no secret that marriage is not easy and there are many things that happen that make it very difficult. You will find that some issues are not so difficult to deal with and can be solved by the couple themselves, other challenges are much more complex and would need some help from the experts. There is however a debate on whether to choose a Christian based counsellor or a secular one. Although both are geared towards the same thing, to restore the marriage, there are many differences in the approaches to achieve that. It is obvious that because it is a Christian approach, it has to come from the Bible but the secular approach is based on mental health and general wellbeing of the society. Some counsellors have realized that they can borrow a leaf from both the approaches so they use the both of them. Are there some reasons you should go for the Christian marriage counselling instead of the secular counselling? Here are a few reasons why?

You re most definitely Christian and you must believe in what the Bible teaches so that is one reason why you should choose Christian counselling. From this foundation you will be able to search for the best counsellor fit for your marriage. After you know what you want, then you can be able to look for the best counsellors who can give you guidance according to the Bible.

The Christian based values are unequivocal on the way marriages are supposed to be. Whatever issue the couple is battling can then be easily handled by looking at the values from the Christian perspective by looking at God’s intent for marriage right from the start.

In secular marriage counselling, therapy mostly focuses on blame and sometimes this separates a couple further rather than bringing them together. In a bid to activate healing, the focus is usually based on what the other partner did in the past which doesn’t always bring in the best results but open healed wounds. The latter form, the Christian way, focuses on the complete removal of blame and thus helps couples seek forgiveness both from God and from each other. The Christian based ideals assist in getting over things like pride, greed, lust and such like issues which cause chaos in marriages and help them gear the marriage towards healing and even restores a marriage after a spouse has had an affair. To make a marriage stronger and better, this tactic usually holds fast and for long even way after a couple has resumed normal like outside the counselling sessions. You are better off going for Christian marriage counselling over the secular counselling.

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